Gorilla Warfare Pre Save Link 

Gorilla Warfare is coming, and you're being recruited!

On October 27th, our new single Gorilla Warfare will be available on all major streaming platforms. Not only is this the official release date for our new track, it marks the start of our own war against the lizard men running the entertainment industry.

Its no surprise to anyone at this point that Hollywood is run by predatory reptilians, and with the resources we now have available, we have an opportunity to push back against their cultural warfare. 

If youd like to make a difference, its really quite simple- pre save our track, listen to it on release day, give us your thoughts, and send it to a friend!

In fact, do this with ANY independent artist/ musician who has earned your appreciation. 

If you dont understand how important this is to your favorite artists, reach out to us and ask! Its one of the best ways you can help connect with your favorite creators.

If youre looking to be the first to hear Gorilla Warfare and want to help destroy Hollywood, click the pre save link below!


Gorilla Warfare Incoming 

Greetings Sects Addicts!

Wolfman here with your Suggestion update. Weve been hard at work recording a ton of new music for yall, and we got our first track out to our mixing engineer!

Were stoked to announce that Ulrich Wild will be mixing our upcoming releases, and we cant wait to see what he can do with the tracks. 

We will not be following the Think About Sects EP with another EP or LP- instead, we plan on releasing singles once a month. We currently have three songs on deck, with a fourth on the way. 

Are you unable or unwilling to wait for the new music? Theres one way to hear all the demos, and thats by subscribing to our Instagram!

If youre not following us on IG, youre missing a ton of awesome metal and hilarious content. By subscribing, youll gain access to unreleased songs, demos, and other hidden Suggestion content.

If you cant subscribe to our page, you can always get a free digital copy of our 2011 release, “All for Nathan?” by signing up for our e mail list. These songs are what started this whole thing, and many of the tracks we are releasing soon are actually re recordings of these songs.

Yours in Sects


New Music Coming Soon 

Greetings Sects Addicts

We've been taking a brief hiatus from running our social media accounts to write some new music. We have 5 brand new tracks were writing, and were just about done finishing them up. 

We plan on hitting the studio in mid July to demo the tracks out, and we will hopefully be back in the studio in August to record the tracks.

Do you want Suggestion to record parts for your songs? We would love to record for yall! Send us a message and lets make it happen.

Lets not forget about our new Patreon, which has a ton of exclusive photos, blogs, and will be the only place to hear our new demos when they drop.

We also have a new way to easily find all of our content- check it out here:



Yours in Sects, 


Suggestion's New Patreon 

In an attempt to stop our social media growth, the lizardmen at IG recently flagged our account and banned us from posting for a week. This is not the first, nor will it be, the last time theyve done something like this. Everytime our page sees high growth, its almost always followed by restrictions or outright banning. 

Its easy to see their clear bias towards large content creators. Many large accounts employed or still employ the same tactics we used, yet receive no such judgments on their accounts. We have regained control and full privileges to our account, but a change in our approach to social media is clearly needed if we wish to communicate directly with our fans without fear of censorship, removal, or banning.

In this light, we decided to start a Patreon! Check out Patreon.com/SubmitToSuggestion to see all of our new content! For $3 a month, you get direct access to our hilarious Telegram, which will have exclusive posts, memes, and all the other kinds of quality content you have come to expect from us! For $10, you also get access to exclusive Patreon only polls which will help guide our project into the future. If you really love our content, $30 a month gets you sneak peaks into upcoming content, including posts and music videos! 

We also started a Bitchute channel, which can be found here.

What other social media outlets should we explore? Send us a comment and let us know!


Yours in Sects,


Suggestion's Christmas Giveaway 

Greetings Sects Addicts!

Do you ever find yourself dreaming of owning the newest Suggestion merch, but havent quite worked your way over to our store?

Do you desire a hard copy of the TAS EP, as well as a vinyl of it too?

Do you want all of the above for absolutely free? 

Well, its your lucky day! Today marks the commencement of our first merch giveaway, where we will be sending a lucky fan up to $100 worth of Suggestion merch! This includes-

-A hard copy of the TAS EP

- A Vinyl pressing of the TAS EP

- A Suggestion shirt of your choosing.

- TAS Stickers and Magnets

-Other personalized goodies from the Suggestion crew


How do you get entered to win such a treasure trove of Suggestion merch?

Its simple, really. Just sign up for our updates and follow us on a social media platform of your choice!

You can join us at



or Facebook

Send us a message or e mail if you have any questions! I look forward to seeing yall on December 17 when we announce the winner of the drawing.



Think About Sects Release 

To all the sects addicts out there,

Thank you for making our latest release so successful! Its been almost a week since the release of the Think About Sects EP, and we have been thrilled with its reception from the international metal community. If you haven't heard it in its entirety yet, check it out here:

Click here for Sects

 Here are a couple reviews that we were recently featured in:

Edgar Allan Poets on Suggestion/

Head Bangers News on Suggestion

Roadie Music's Review on Think About Sects

Heavy Mag on Sects


We also re released the One Man Enter video with its new audio. Check that out here:

We hope yall are digging the new content because we have a ton more coming your way! If you like what were doing, sign up for the e mail list, buy a shirt or some of our other amazing merch, or send our music to a friend or neighbor that you want to Think About Sects with.


New EP Release Date and General Updates 

Its been a busy week for Suggestion, and we wanted to give a much anticipated update on our album. There's less than 10 days until our new Think About Sects EP drops on all major platforms, so if you havent pre saved it yet, click here! 

The legendary Ulrich Wild mixed this album, and he definitely brought our audio quality to the next level. He's worked on half of our favorite albums, ranging from Dethklok to Pantera, and even Static X. We couldn't be happier with his work.

We went ahead and updated various parts of the website, like our bios and our store. Our storefront has some awesome new merch in it- im a big fan of the shirts where im playing drums in the forest, and the merch featuring KB as Mr. X is super dope.

Stay tuned for our next release, the Dont Think About Sects EP!

-Frank Wolfman

One Man Enter (Two Men Leave) || MK Ultra In Hollywood 


One Man Enter (Two Men Leave) || MK Ultra in Hollywood


Hollywood has for a long time been dubbed "Hollyweird" for many reasons. There are probably MANY reasons the global capitol of entertainment has developed such a reputation but today we'd like to shine some light on one of the possible reasons why this is the case.

Fringe conspiracy groups on the internet over the last decade have expressed their suspicions that many Hollywood celebrities are controlled by special interest groups who use media to control public opinion and to shape our culture.

Over the last four to five years, the idea of the media being heavily controlled by hidden entities has been accepted more and more by the general population.

Is it possible that these hidden hands have even gone so far with their lust for control that they've put Hollywood celebrities under a carefully executed mind control program?

Hollywood insider Roseanne Barr seems to think so!

When the reporter mentions how celebrities can shape public opinion, Roseanne responds with:

"It's a big culture of mind control too. MK Ultra rules in Hollywood. If you don't know Google that and look into it."

For those of you who don't want to Google this, here are some official documents from the United States government regarding the program:


Now with that being said, do you think its possible that these programs could be the cause of instances like these?


Many people seem to believe so!


Some would even go as far as to say that those responsible for such evil phenomena are not even human beings!


Yeah you heard me right!


They believe that the "people" behind these atrocities are actually of an alien, reptilian humanoid species who actively engage in satanic ritual abuse.

It might sound strange to most, but at the same time we do live in a universe so vast that our knowledge of said universe doesn't really go far beyond the planet in which we inhabit so in my opinion, just about anything is possible. 

For more info on these theories check out David Icke and Arizona Wilder:


There are many possibilities as to why Hollywood has developed the reputation that it has. Here at Suggestion we tend to believe that the most likely reason for this has to do with extreme brainwashing and the fact that humanity is secretly ruled by an alien reptilian species who drains the spiritual energy of humanity via satanic ritual abuse and psychological abuse.

One of the main reasons Suggestion has chosen to stay independent of the mainstream media and entertainment industry has a lot to do with the circumstances listed above.

We love what we do and are not interested at all in taking part in the immoral, reptilian, mind controlling path that has been imposed on humanity for generations.

We actually aim to educate the public in the secrets that have been hidden from them for so long.


You don't have to believe this any of the stuff written here in order to enjoy Suggestion, but after reading this, do you see the One Man Enter video through the same lens that you did before being presented with this information? Let us know in the comments!


 ~King Bong

Think About Sects Meaning; Indoctrination In Society 

Some of our loyal followers have heard Suggestion say "Think About Sects" and don't truly understand what we are alluding to when we say this fantastic phrase. 

While I always encourage everybody to have their own interpretations of art and music I do believe that understanding our perspective of the Think About Sects meaning will shed light on the fact that we experience indoctrination in society as well as psychological manipulation on a daily basis... A lot of the people who are behind this phenomena also happen to hold spiritual beliefs you would expect to find in a cult or sect.

The entertainment industry, government, banking system, and political system are just some of the organizations dominated by these groups.

Within just the last year, stories of Jeffery Epstein being involved in a massive sex trafficking scandal have taken over the airwaves... I'm sure we're all aware of this fact.

Many are even aware that lots of the Hollywood "elites" are engaged in Satanic cult like behavior. 

Did you notice the roar of disapproval during the Golden Globes when Ricky Gervais made a joke about Epstein not killing himself?

It's almost like he made a mean joke about somebody that everybody in the room was good friends with!

"Coincidentally", some big name celebrities have also gotten into big big trouble for being involved in sex trafficking and sex cults... Here are a few examples:

Now you can see why Suggestion has decided to stay independent!

Anyways, that is a whole situation I wish to shed only a little bit of light on with this post. If you want to find out more about this, look it up on Google because I do not enjoy writing about these troubled lizard people.


What I do like to talk about are the techniques they use in the media to manipulate humanity on a global scale!

One of the most powerful tools they use involves programming the human mind with what is called Neuro Linguistic Programming.

For an amazing example on how powerful this stuff is, watch this video with Darren Brown: 

Notice how he used subtle ambiguity to convince this guy's subconscious that he actually wanted a BMX bike instead of a leather jacket;

Instead of saying "buy" he said "bike". He also used many other terms and phrases such as "to HANDLE BAR none" and "Bike creating a strong feeling of desire"... All of these when added with some other subtle techniques he used resulted in a major response from the other guy. 

All of this works because language structures and reflects consciousness; one of the most critical concepts of NLP.


These techniques are being used every day by these sects to manipulate people into engaging in behavior that they wouldn't have taken part in if it hadn't been for the subtle suggestions their favorite entertainment is laced with.

So where do we see examples of this in our every day lives?

Here's one! One of the most successful marketing campaigns ever!

What do they mean by "Do it"? *wink wink*


Here's another one I found:

Do you think this was done intentionally or is it a coincidence?

If the people who are running Hollywood are evil enough to be doing stuff like Human trafficking, why would they not abuse that kind of information?


Anyways, that's about all I can really get into right now because the more I think about these "people" the more angry I get.

The more I think about this, the more I just want to climb the highest mountain top and just scream "THINK ABOUT SECTS!!!!"

We don't have mountains here in Tampa Florida so  I just redirect my desires from screaming on the top of a mountain to blasting Think About Sects as loud as I can wherever I am.

Which is actually what we should all be doing.

When you do this, you not only expose corrupt celebrities for Human trafficking but your presence will actually make everyone think about sex.

Think about it.

~King Bong


Free Album Downloads And New Merch Alert 

...That feeling when you realize today might just be the most important day of your life.


Why might that be?


Because today marks the first day that we are offering a free copy of All For Nathan? ($1200 value) when you sign up for our e-mail list AND we have a NEW MERCH ALERT!

Personally, I'm finding myself dumbfounded by all the new Suggestion products we have available in our shop. 

From Suggestion face masks to King Bong coffee mugs, I have to admit the items we have available now are the finest on the market.

Anyways we also decided to give a free copy of our 2010 album All For Nathan? to everybody smart enough to sign up for our mailing list. This will be available for only a limited time so you might as well sign up now!

Once the Think About Sects Ep is finished, we will offer that as our free gift for signing up for our e-mail list.

Very few people actually realize the story of the album All For Nathan?... Back during 2010 and pre-2010 Suggestion was playing shows all around Florida and working on this incredible album.

We always received amazing feedback from all of our live performances; the only problem was the fact that we never had an album for our crazed fans to enjoy.

Before All For Nathan? was finished Alin and GrundleGarth decided to quit Suggestion, and in a furious rage they both left the stage during the middle of a live performance at our Guavaween show in Ybor City.

Because of this unfortunate circumstance, King Bong and Frank Wolfman found themselves in quite the calamity and ended up finishing the album despite the departure of their former bandmates.

Although both Frank Wolfman and KB were optimistic about the future of their band, they both fell upon difficult times... Frank Wolfman was going through a difficult break up at the time and KB wound up moving in with their manager Foghorn Fuckhorn. A brief glimpse of some of the struggles he experienced at the time have been documented and can be seen here:



Since the release of All For Nathan? government officials have been targeting Suggestion and are stirring up as much chaos as they can in order to prevent the public from gaining access to the Think About Sects Ep. In fact, the recent political turmoil has just been manufactured in an attempt to keep people from Thinking About Sects. 

Fortunately the band has taken many countermeasures to ensure their success.

The road may be a long one but the road to success with this project has always been a marathon; not a sprint. 


Suggestion may have been MIA for a while but we believe that when you actually hear the Think About Sects EP you will cream your jeans.

We actually have a preview of the new version of Think About Sects which will be on this Ep, and we've actually never released this version to the public so consider yourself lucky for even getting the opportunity to witness such an amazing audio experience. 


The new version of this song is bigger, badder, and funkier than this one so if you dig this track, the absolute smartest thing you can do right now is sign up for our email list! If you do, you'll get All For Nathan? AND when the Think About Sects Ep drops, a copy will be sent to your email.