New EP Release Date and General Updates

Its been a busy week for Suggestion, and we wanted to give a much anticipated update on our album. There's less than 10 days until our new Think About Sects EP drops on all major platforms, so if you havent pre saved it yet, click here! 

The legendary Ulrich Wild mixed this album, and he definitely brought our audio quality to the next level. He's worked on half of our favorite albums, ranging from Dethklok to Pantera, and even Static X. We couldn't be happier with his work.

We went ahead and updated various parts of the website, like our bios and our store. Our storefront has some awesome new merch in it- im a big fan of the shirts where im playing drums in the forest, and the merch featuring KB as Mr. X is super dope.

Stay tuned for our next release, the Dont Think About Sects EP!

-Frank Wolfman