Suggestion's New Patreon

In an attempt to stop our social media growth, the lizardmen at IG recently flagged our account and banned us from posting for a week. This is not the first, nor will it be, the last time theyve done something like this. Everytime our page sees high growth, its almost always followed by restrictions or outright banning. 

Its easy to see their clear bias towards large content creators. Many large accounts employed or still employ the same tactics we used, yet receive no such judgments on their accounts. We have regained control and full privileges to our account, but a change in our approach to social media is clearly needed if we wish to communicate directly with our fans without fear of censorship, removal, or banning.

In this light, we decided to start a Patreon! Check out to see all of our new content! For $3 a month, you get direct access to our hilarious Telegram, which will have exclusive posts, memes, and all the other kinds of quality content you have come to expect from us! For $10, you also get access to exclusive Patreon only polls which will help guide our project into the future. If you really love our content, $30 a month gets you sneak peaks into upcoming content, including posts and music videos! 

We also started a Bitchute channel, which can be found here.

What other social media outlets should we explore? Send us a comment and let us know!


Yours in Sects,