One Man Enter (Two Men Leave) || MK Ultra In Hollywood


One Man Enter (Two Men Leave) || MK Ultra in Hollywood


Hollywood has for a long time been dubbed "Hollyweird" for many reasons. There are probably MANY reasons the global capitol of entertainment has developed such a reputation but today we'd like to shine some light on one of the possible reasons why this is the case.

Fringe conspiracy groups on the internet over the last decade have expressed their suspicions that many Hollywood celebrities are controlled by special interest groups who use media to control public opinion and to shape our culture.

Over the last four to five years, the idea of the media being heavily controlled by hidden entities has been accepted more and more by the general population.

Is it possible that these hidden hands have even gone so far with their lust for control that they've put Hollywood celebrities under a carefully executed mind control program?

Hollywood insider Roseanne Barr seems to think so!

When the reporter mentions how celebrities can shape public opinion, Roseanne responds with:

"It's a big culture of mind control too. MK Ultra rules in Hollywood. If you don't know Google that and look into it."

For those of you who don't want to Google this, here are some official documents from the United States government regarding the program:


Now with that being said, do you think its possible that these programs could be the cause of instances like these?


Many people seem to believe so!


Some would even go as far as to say that those responsible for such evil phenomena are not even human beings!


Yeah you heard me right!


They believe that the "people" behind these atrocities are actually of an alien, reptilian humanoid species who actively engage in satanic ritual abuse.

It might sound strange to most, but at the same time we do live in a universe so vast that our knowledge of said universe doesn't really go far beyond the planet in which we inhabit so in my opinion, just about anything is possible. 

For more info on these theories check out David Icke and Arizona Wilder:


There are many possibilities as to why Hollywood has developed the reputation that it has. Here at Suggestion we tend to believe that the most likely reason for this has to do with extreme brainwashing and the fact that humanity is secretly ruled by an alien reptilian species who drains the spiritual energy of humanity via satanic ritual abuse and psychological abuse.

One of the main reasons Suggestion has chosen to stay independent of the mainstream media and entertainment industry has a lot to do with the circumstances listed above.

We love what we do and are not interested at all in taking part in the immoral, reptilian, mind controlling path that has been imposed on humanity for generations.

We actually aim to educate the public in the secrets that have been hidden from them for so long.


You don't have to believe this any of the stuff written here in order to enjoy Suggestion, but after reading this, do you see the One Man Enter video through the same lens that you did before being presented with this information? Let us know in the comments!


 ~King Bong