From the recording Think About Sects


A prophecy fulfilled on a vow long yet made
When you die by my hand
I stab you with a spade

Monopolies on force fall when cowards get played
Now forced to disband
I stabbed you with a spade!

Words and phrases
Turn the nation to herds of pure regurgitation
Revelations change the ways of those who once held reservations
What I'm sayin is
There's nowhere to run
There's nowhere to hide
If the bans pass then were comin for your life
By barrel or blade
Cause we're feral and raged
When cornered and preyed
They remain afraid

Cause rust
And dirt
Really must hurt
A gardening tool thrust through the shirt
Penetrates and pressed the flesh of the perp
The events I describe
What you witness occur

The prophecy foretold fulfills the end of days
When you die by my hand
I stab you with a spade

Caesar's life was cut short by a vengeful brigade
But when you die by my hand
I stab you with a spade!

Attempts from those whose infiltrations
Seek to grip and strip the nation
Science of the mind to override
Instincts of protection that we feel inside
I'm not playin, bitch.
The plot's just nothin but a foiled scheme.
Lab rats overtaking royalty
I've said it once and ill say it once more
Your covert Holodomor's fallin onto the floor

Every day
In every way
Humanity is molded psychologically
Large scale hari kari for the one's who won't play
Even when backed to the wall
I will always proclaim

The prophecy unveiled unto the public when dazed
Now bow to this man
Who stabbed you with a spade

Steve Irwin's life ended by the tail of a ray
But when you die by my hand
I stab you with a spade!

You will never see me breaking your serenity
Id be taking my life before you condemning me
And if your tyranny ceased from the start
Id be pleased to keep you breathe but here we are
If bullet or blade be taken away
Results in a debt of blood needing repaid
Now you see as the light starts to fade
In the right hands all's a weapon even a spade!