Think About Sects Meaning; Indoctrination In Society

Some of our loyal followers have heard Suggestion say "Think About Sects" and don't truly understand what we are alluding to when we say this fantastic phrase. 

While I always encourage everybody to have their own interpretations of art and music I do believe that understanding our perspective of the Think About Sects meaning will shed light on the fact that we experience indoctrination in society as well as psychological manipulation on a daily basis... A lot of the people who are behind this phenomena also happen to hold spiritual beliefs you would expect to find in a cult or sect.

The entertainment industry, government, banking system, and political system are just some of the organizations dominated by these groups.

Within just the last year, stories of Jeffery Epstein being involved in a massive sex trafficking scandal have taken over the airwaves... I'm sure we're all aware of this fact.

Many are even aware that lots of the Hollywood "elites" are engaged in Satanic cult like behavior. 

Did you notice the roar of disapproval during the Golden Globes when Ricky Gervais made a joke about Epstein not killing himself?

It's almost like he made a mean joke about somebody that everybody in the room was good friends with!

"Coincidentally", some big name celebrities have also gotten into big big trouble for being involved in sex trafficking and sex cults... Here are a few examples:

Now you can see why Suggestion has decided to stay independent!

Anyways, that is a whole situation I wish to shed only a little bit of light on with this post. If you want to find out more about this, look it up on Google because I do not enjoy writing about these troubled lizard people.


What I do like to talk about are the techniques they use in the media to manipulate humanity on a global scale!

One of the most powerful tools they use involves programming the human mind with what is called Neuro Linguistic Programming.

For an amazing example on how powerful this stuff is, watch this video with Darren Brown: 

Notice how he used subtle ambiguity to convince this guy's subconscious that he actually wanted a BMX bike instead of a leather jacket;

Instead of saying "buy" he said "bike". He also used many other terms and phrases such as "to HANDLE BAR none" and "Bike creating a strong feeling of desire"... All of these when added with some other subtle techniques he used resulted in a major response from the other guy. 

All of this works because language structures and reflects consciousness; one of the most critical concepts of NLP.


These techniques are being used every day by these sects to manipulate people into engaging in behavior that they wouldn't have taken part in if it hadn't been for the subtle suggestions their favorite entertainment is laced with.

So where do we see examples of this in our every day lives?

Here's one! One of the most successful marketing campaigns ever!

What do they mean by "Do it"? *wink wink*


Here's another one I found:

Do you think this was done intentionally or is it a coincidence?

If the people who are running Hollywood are evil enough to be doing stuff like Human trafficking, why would they not abuse that kind of information?


Anyways, that's about all I can really get into right now because the more I think about these "people" the more angry I get.

The more I think about this, the more I just want to climb the highest mountain top and just scream "THINK ABOUT SECTS!!!!"

We don't have mountains here in Tampa Florida so  I just redirect my desires from screaming on the top of a mountain to blasting Think About Sects as loud as I can wherever I am.

Which is actually what we should all be doing.

When you do this, you not only expose corrupt celebrities for Human trafficking but your presence will actually make everyone think about sex.

Think about it.

~King Bong