New music releases coming soon: New Ep dropping for 2020


Have you been wondering when Suggestion was going to finally have some new music releases? If so, you came to the right place!


Over the last few months, we have been working very hard on the Think About Sects Ep... This Ep will have 5 awesome songs for you to jam out to.


We aren't sure EXACTLY when it will come out but it will be sometime during 2020.


So far we've tracked the drums, most of the guitar parts, and I have to admit it is the finest music I have come across in my years on this planet... The new 2020 version of Think About Sects is gonna be a banger! We can't wait for everybody to hear this stuff.


We've been recording this masterpiece at Chops Music Studio here in South Tampa with a really awesome dude named Rico who is a really amazing audio engineer. He's helping make Suggestion sound the way you've always wanted to hear us so please keep your eyes and ears open for the Think About Sects Ep!


For everybody who's been wondering where Suggestion has been, just remember it's not easy out there when you look the way we do! Not only do we have to try and blend in with society by working normal jobs, we also have a gang of reptilian human hybrids who operate out of the FBI, and CIA who wish to disrupt all of our plans. 


Some of the methods of disruption they have resorted to include but are not limited to covert harassment, gangstalking, attacks from directed energy weapons, general sabotage, and attempts of satanic ritual abuse as documented in the One Man Enter (Two Men Leave) video.


We have no tolerance for those who wish to see Suggestion's right to freedom of speech be violated so we plan to expose these covert manipulators and their methods in our new Think About Sects Ep.


I digress.... But if you're wondering what some of our new stuff is going to sound like, just know we're blending a EVH 5150 III with a Marshall Valvestate for the guitar tones. This amp combo along with the Fredman mic technique is going to result in a MASSIVE guitar tone. These techniques have been used on In Flames: Clayman, Static X: Wisconsin Death Trip, and Prong: Cleansing.


We got this idea from a SoundSpectre Studios video where Glen Fricker demonstrates the techniques we're using for our guitar tones so if you're interested in getting monster tone do yourself a favor and check this video out: 


I will probably be adding a Boss OC-2 to get some CKY sounding tones on this as well.... I got some cool tips from Deron Miller's Instagram on how to get that thing to sound like CKY. It's gonna sound GRRRREAT!


Thanks for reading this blog.... Its my first one, so I'm quite the noob when it comes to this kind of thing.


If you want to keep in touch with us, you can reach KB at .


We love hearing from the awesome people who love our stuff so don't be shy.


PS. A new version of One Man Enter will be on the new Ep. If you like what you hear in this video:

You'll LOVE the new one.