Gorilla Warfare Incoming

Greetings Sects Addicts!

Wolfman here with your Suggestion update. Weve been hard at work recording a ton of new music for yall, and we got our first track out to our mixing engineer!

Were stoked to announce that Ulrich Wild will be mixing our upcoming releases, and we cant wait to see what he can do with the tracks. 

We will not be following the Think About Sects EP with another EP or LP- instead, we plan on releasing singles once a month. We currently have three songs on deck, with a fourth on the way. 

Are you unable or unwilling to wait for the new music? Theres one way to hear all the demos, and thats by subscribing to our Instagram!

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If you cant subscribe to our page, you can always get a free digital copy of our 2011 release, “All for Nathan?” by signing up for our e mail list. These songs are what started this whole thing, and many of the tracks we are releasing soon are actually re recordings of these songs.

Yours in Sects


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